Spiro’s in Hout Bay is the ideal restaurant if you’re looking for traditional, authentic Greek food made with love and care. With a definitive Mediterranean flavour this family owned and run store is situated on the Main Road on the way to Chapman’s Peak Drive, if you’re coming from Constantia. Spiro, the owner, is ever present and is passionate about food, people and life and will typically greet and welcome you warmly. You will be encouraged to stay as long as you like and may find yourself still finishing off lunch at 4:00pm. You’re likely to even receive a kiss from Spiro on departure and that is regardless of whether you’re male or female, according to the Greek tradition.
There are al fresco dining areas on the patio in front of the restaurant and in the paved, enclosed courtyard. You may even find a cat sitting on one of the chairs. There are various dining rooms with tables and some have couches or divans and cushions for relaxing.
Additionally there is a room in the house set aside for children (complete with a range of dress-up costumes, art & crafts and numerous other activities). Children may also eat in this room on the table especially provided.
The menu offers you a delectable choice of hot or cold Meze (savoury starter dishes) or you may combine a number of them to make up an interesting main course, as is the Greek tradition. Popular choices are Haloumi, Spanokopita (classic spinach, feta and dill pie), Dolmades (hand-made vine leaves stuffed with rice & herbs) or decadent dips like Taramasalata (creamy cod roe dip), Hummus or Tzatziki (tangy cucumber, garlic and mint dip) which are all served with Pita bread.
There are fresh and interesting salad choices as well as fish, meat and traditional Greek dishes. Choose Kleftiko (melt off the bone lamb shank) or Souvlaki (chicken or lamb) skewers basted and grilled over open flames. Alternatively Gyro (grilled Pita wrapped around tender lamb or chicken segments with tomato, onion and tzatziki) or Yemista (bell peppers and tomatoes stuffed with rice and dill and slow roasted).
Definitely leave space for desserts. The Bougatsa (Greek lemon custard in phyllo, served with vanilla ice-cream) or the Baklava Crush which can best be enjoyed with a cup of traditional Greek coffee.